Monday, January 21, 2008

"sav'n it for later"

This is a phrase that I hear quite frequently in our house. It is usually when I have told the kids that they can have ONE of something only to catch them pocketing three more.
"i'm sav'n it for later." I also hear it just about every Sunday as they are sneaking a handful of peppermints from church- " i'm sav'n them for later." It really made me laugh yesterday when I opened the freezer and ..SURPRISE!!  There was a plate of snow just staring at me. When I called the children to me, well by now you know how they responded.  "oh, that's just some of our snow. we're sav'n it for later!" 

As for me, I am capturing  these sweet moments with my children and sav'n them for later in hopes that I will never forget them. I happen to think that saving the snow for later is a very smart idea!


  1. Absolutely ADORABLE!! I love it, everything about it. You are so creative and you are going to be the best blogger ever!

  2. Hey Rhi!! I love that you have a blog! And I can relate to this one. I have three freezer bags full of snow in our freezer right now, too! So glad I found you.


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