Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter Mica, Poppy, Aunt Elisha, Uncle Daniel, Anjali, and Jaiden (ie. my parents and my sister and her family) met us at the house and we all went to the Auburn Easter Egg Hunt. The Weather was so beautiful, they had live music, free drinks, balloons and a TON of eggs!! It was so much fun!

Of course, Mica and Poppy had fantastic Easter bags for all of the kids filled with wonderful toys and goodies!!

Do you like their sweet outfits?? I made the dresses and appliqued and monogrammed Kade's shirt and the dresses... Then I tried to make some shorts for Kade and, well the pattern is still sitting by my sewing maching. I had to put it aside out of pure frustration. I hate it when something that should be so simple seems so complicated! So Mom, I need your HELP!! :) 

What a hug!!

Kassidy with Anjali. Don't they look like sisters! She is such a sweetie!!

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  1. Okay, did you make those Easter buckets? And if you did, can I commission you to make some for my kids? :)


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