Friday, April 11, 2008

Anything for a laugh...

My funny kids... Always looking for a laugh! 

Before nap time, Kade and Kali Rose came out with Kade's (clean, thank God!!) undies on their heads - laughing so hard they could hardly stand up. We all got a good laugh and then they got in bed. When I went in her room later this is what I saw!! 

How funny! I guess she was tired because she never took them off!!


  1. I'm laughing OUT LOUD!!!! This is sooo cute!

  2. How funny!! Why is undies on the head always funny? They don't have to learn that, they just do it!

  3. This is crackin me up. If I had have been the one to walk in there and found her like this I probably would have woke her up from laughing out loud. This is hysterical!!

    I LOVE you blog!!


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