Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here are some pics from our "Date Night" this month! Sean and I went to Aricia for dinner and then walked around downtown Auburn. We then went to Town Creek Park and walked around there for a while. It was such a nice night! Thanks for the date Babe! I love you!

When we got home, the kids had also had a wonderful night! They always do with Mica and Poppy! They played and had pizza, went for ice cream, and ended the night with a movie. When we got home this is how we found Mica and Kali Rose, so I had to pull out the camera.  

Me and my beautiful Mother!! I love you Mom!

We all look sleepy, but I had to post the pics anyway!

I'm looking forward to our next date!!

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  1. Kali Rose looks like she is about to fall over asleep! She is such a cutie!


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