Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Little Guy...

Last year Sean and I began thinking about what extracurricular activity we could sign Kade up for this Fall. We thought about soccor, t-ball, and karate. Then as I started talking to other local moms, several of them told me I just HAD to get Kade in this all-boys gymnastics class at the University Gymnastics Center. When they explained that putting him in this before organized sorts helps to teach him coordination, body strength, and body control, well it made since to us. We signed him up!!  We were very fortunate to get him in the class with the male instructor that was recommended to me, because they only take 5 boys!! 
Kade has asked me everyday, since we signed him up a couple weeks ago, if today is the day. He has been beside himself with excitement over the whole thing! We have been excited also, because it is going to be fun to watch him have something that is just his. The girls have ballet and this is his thing!
...Another milestone...

This was before his first class, and he was showing me and Kali Rose how he will be climbing in gymnastics!!

On our way in the building.

He was thrilled to be there...
Then when he looked in, he got a little nervous...
Still a little nervous..
Then, he went in and did great! He climbed and jumped and tumbled. He was smiling the whole time! I couldn't get any good action shots because he was all of the way across a huge room.

Kali Rose and I had some fun taking pictures.

He's out and he said, "Mommy, can we go everyday!?!" He was so cute and I loved watching Kassidy and Kali Rose with him. They hugged and kissed him and told him what a great job he did. 

I absolutely love this pic! 


  1. You need to frame that last one! So good!

  2. You need to frame that last one! So good!

  3. You need to frame that last one! So good!


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