Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Self Control /vs/ Chocolate...

So yesterday Kade, Kali Rose and I decided to make some fudge for our new neighbors. We did. Then, at about 6:00 when the weather was less than pretty, Sean suggested that we wait a day to take it over... I said "No way! If we wait, I can't promise that there will be any left!" ... A whole day with me and fudge. Not a chance!!  

So, clouds dark and rain beginning to fall, the whole Clarke family walked over the fudge.

 (Oh, and Kelly, you should know that I did keep several pieces for us (me). It is 8:19 in the morning and they are all gone... by me. So I know how you feel!!! When it comes to chocolate all my self control goes out the window ;)

Oh well, I'll do better tomorrow... when there is no fudge in the house ;)


  1. Im so glad Im not the only one! It truly is horrible! Ive gone through a pint and a half of Ben and Jerry's in two days - I cant get enough. Oh, and I love the Playing in the Rain post! So cute! Reminds me of when Im at my parents - I cant wait for my kids to enjoy the warm rain and thunderstorms. Although, we wont be there til Thanksgiving...next summer!

  2. Love it - I am crazy addicted to chocolate! oldladyintheshoe.blogspot.com
    I really enjoyed our visit today. Look forward to getting to know you better! :)

  3. okay, i'll say it again - i love fudge. will you email me your recipe?


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