Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 5 and 6

Yesterday was a busy day - sorry no post ;)
Kade woke up first. It was so cute because he went to wake up the girls, only he soon returned in our room stating he could not wake them up. I asked him what he did and he showed me. He gently and quietly touched me saying wake up Sissy, wake up;) It made me laugh because I immediately thought back to the days when my brother woke me up in the morning...He wasn't quite so gentle... ;)
We sent him back and told him to tickle them. It worked!
They each got a Christmas magnetic frame. Just in time because I am waiting on a order of Christmas pics (from years past) that I just ordered online. When I get them we can put the pics in. 
This morning the kids got these cute Christmas tins filled with chocolates and a note. The note read. "Make Gingerbread Houses." They squealed! We have made gingerbread houses for the past several years. (Thanks to Mica and Poppy!!)It is a Christmas tradition that they love! Mica and Poppy bought all of the supplies, so we will meet at Elisha's house this evening (wish Israel and Erin were here!!) to celebrate Jaiden's birthday and we will make our houses at his party!! Can't wait!

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