Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rainy days sometimes pay off :)

Sometimes rainy days are just what you need to keep you home....

I got a lot done today. Cleaned house. Played with Kali Rose. AND...PREPARED FOR OUR UPCOMING TRIP!
Where are we going you ask?? Well, I can't tell you that (although you may be able to figure it out pretty easily).. You see, it's a SURPRISE!! The kids know we are going to "explore" a new city (as we did over the Summer when we went to Chattanooga). But...they have NO idea where we are going *hehehe* I am SO EXCITED!!!

Being a mommy of 3, I have learned that it pays to pack early.. I am hoping to be more organized than ever for this trip. So here is where I am now.
Bag of snacks...
Many of the supplies organized, and the Ziplocs ready for clothes..(each child's clothes are packed in gallon size bags - 2 outfits a day, and one bag for undies, one for socks and a couple for pjs. .. ie: Kade Tuesday outfit 1, Kade Tuesday outfit 2, Kade wednesday outfit 1... they are all labeled and stickered :))
Yes, I like Ziploc bags...they are a must when traveling with 3 small kids :)

Tomorrow: Pack the clothes and activity bags for travel.

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