Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Fall Tradition

So this morning I was running and thinking about what a beautiful morning it was. Still somewhat warm, but with a constant cool breeze. I was thinking about how it would be a perfect day for the Pumpkin Patch! Have you been yet? We go every year. We went early this year and it was HOT!!

My three pumpkins ;)

off we go to find the BEST pumpkins
 shhhh! I don't think we were suppose to go past the yellow tape.. for the record, I didn't ;) 

Our pumpkins.. Each lovingly chosen ;)

 They liked riding these

Always striking a pose ;)

 King of the mountain!
 Kassidy took this picture of us :)
Happy fall everyone!!


  1. These are great Rhiannon! Such a beautiful family! :D
    Love, Vanessa

  2. Thanks Vanessa! We definitely HAVE to get together after Thanksgiving!!


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