Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Party at my parent's new house!

 My parents bought a new house. 
It is beautiful!
100 years old and they are only the 3rd owner! Can you believe that? 
They JUST moved it, but instead of waiting for them to get settled, we celebrated Kali Rose's birthday there last night with my whole family present. This was their facebook status today: 

"Finally getting moved into our new house. Had the opportunity to host our entire family with all eight grandkids for the first time since we moved out of our Pelham house 3.5 years ago! We still have boxes left to unpack and furniture to position, but first let's make some memories! There are fireflies to catch and ice cream to eat and birthdays to celebrate! Let the parties begin! #keepingfirstthingsfirst"

I love that! So true :) I am so thankful for their amazing example in so many ways. Keeping the Lord first in their lives, waiting until they were financially ready to buy a house, "keeping first things first," I could go on and on! I am blessed. 

 I wanted to get a picture of their house, but it was pouring rain outside. Trust me, it is beautiful. I will get a picture up asap. They still have some work to do inside, but mainly removing wallpaper and painting. The house has been maintained beautifully and the kitchen was already updated. They have already had all of the floors (heart pine) restored and they are breathtaking! 
Here are some pictures from our fun.

 My brother, Israel, and his beautiful wife Erin.
 My sister, Elisha, and her adorable growing family. (Yes, still growing as she has a bun in the oven ;)
 Birthday kiss!
 they love each other so much!

 I LOVE my sisters!!

 who could resist that face?
 doing a "present time" jig

 Uncle Izzy & Aunt Erin loaded her up!
Poppy and Mica always give the GOOD stuff. :)
 we got her her first bike :)

look how sweet these dolls are! My very creative sister made them for all of the girls on their birthdays! Kali Rose got hers last night and LOVES it!! My sister doesn't sell these, but she does have an online store where she sells a lot of other beautiful things! Check it out here.

 Kade and Poppy chilling on the front porch

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  1. It is so fun to see your family... the whole bunch of you... growing and developing. I'm thankful for technology!


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