Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Burlap Christmas Wreath

It has been so long since I have posted, I knew I needed something fun to post about in order to return. ;)
What's more fun than a burlap Christmas wreath and some Christmas decorations?!?

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season already. I know I am. I just love this time of year and feel extremely grateful for my blessings. We put our tree & decor out the day after Thanksgiving and I decided to retire my old front door wreath... So this is what I made to take it's place.

The "how to":
A wreath (you can also use a Styrofoam wreath) mine is 18 inches
burlap (I already had 4 yards, but it didn't take that much)
Last name initial (Michaels) 
bag of moss (Michaels)
house numbers (Hobby Lobby)
outdoor Christmas ornaments (Hobby Lobby)
hot glue gun
cut the burlap into strips
wrap around the wreath

I almost made it around with one strip. since I had to add more, I used a little hot glue to adhere both ends.
using the twine, thread through the ornaments and pull them together to make a bunch. Set aside.
use the hot glue to adhere the moss on your letter. It is best to do both front and back.

using the twine, I tied all of the elements on the wreath. I did use hot glue under the numbers as an extra support.
at this time, I felt like it needed another ornament, so I tied it on..
and one more. :)
there is always a need for a sharpie..
so there you go! Tell me what you think. 

Merry Christmas!

Below are a few of my Christmas decorations around my house this year.


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  1. Your wreath is so cute; I love burlap. I'm trying to figure out how I can use it in my own home this Xmas!


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