Sunday, January 20, 2008


Waiting for the snow to accumulate enough for play.

It did!
Home sweet home!
They were doing the snow dance!

Yes, it actually snowed! They have never seen snow before. They were so excited and as they were waiting they were making all of their plans. They were going to make snow angels, build a snow man, and have a snow ball fight. I know what you are thinking... With this small amount of snow they must of been disappointed. Oh, you don't know my kids!! We made snow angels, built a small snow man, and had a great snow ball fight! Kade even looked at me and asked, "since it is snowing, does this mean Santa is coming back?"

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  1. Rhi! I love your blog! So cute! Great idea! It's like you're sitting across from me with a cup of coffee telling me all of this! Makes me miss you sooo much! Love you all! The snow pictures are adorable! Love,


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