Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wow, 2008 is here! 
This is a monumental year for our family! We are officially diaper free! While that might seem completely wonderful to some, not to me. Not completely. To me it is bittersweet. No, I won't miss having to interrupt the conversation I am in to give my child a sniff and then confirm "It's mine," as I excuse myself from the play date to change the stinky diaper. Or situations like the time I was at a birthday party meeting several young couples for the first time. I was feeling pretty good because I was just back into my "skinny" clothes after the birth of my son (baby number 2). I was totally enthralled in conversation, really enjoying myself and thrilled with the potential of new friendships when I felt something wet on my new Gap khaki skirt. Oh yes, I looked down only to find that as I was holding Kade in my lap his diaper exploded and it was all over my skirt. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom, and well, lets just say my hope of new "mommy friends" was short lived at that event. So no, I won't miss events like those but, to me, the fact that after 6 years of diaper bags - I no longer need one only means one thing. My babies are no longer babies!

I have already had to adjust to my big girl going off to school this year and LEAVING ME!! Now this! My BABY is now a big girl! To top it off, we even got her a "big girl" bed this week. Granted, this was actually way overdue. The sweet baby has been sleeping on our "poor-mans trundle" (IE: crib mattress on the floor at night and pushed under Sissy's bed during the day) so it was time. However, it is still a fact. Things are changing in our household and if you ask me TOO FAST! 

I am really not complaining though, just adjusting. The truth is, I have loved every minute of being a mommy and I know that there is still so much fun to come. I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me such a wonderful husband who has completely supported my desire to be a full-time mom! To me there is no other option. I am also glad that they have had these years to bond with each other. I get asked all the time why I don't do the "pre-school" thing. It's not that I have anything against it (I did in fact send Kassidy to one semester, 3 mornings a week because she was turning 5 and with her late birthday she had one more year home.) It is just that I know this time is fleeting - this time that I have them all day, everyday and they have each other all day, everyday. I am confident that the others will follow their sister and be fully prepared for first grade before Kindergarten is even half way over!!  I have been able to really enjoy my no-schedule days with them and they have created a bond that won't easily be broken. 

Even as I write, they are sitting at my feet with their coloring books, crayons, and markers. They are taking turns telling each other how "bewtiful" their pictures are. They even have a little rhythm going. Example, Kade will say, "Kali Rose Clarke, did you do that? It is bewtiful!" To which Kali will reply, "Sissy, ew do dat? Bewtiful!" And, well, you guessed it, Kassidy turns to Kade and says, "Kade Alexander, you show mommy that right now! Look Mommy, Kade stayed in the lines. Good job Brother!" Aren't they sweet! I absolutely LOVE the friendships that they have between them. 

Don't let me deceive you, they do fight. Oh yes, they fight over toys and turns...etc, but I can honestly say that if asked I would characterize their relationships with love and kindness rather than fighting. That makes this mommy happy! My prayer is that the Lord will continue to strengthen the friendship and respect between my children through the years!


  1. What GORGEOUS babies you have!! Well, with a gorgeous Mom and Dad, no wonder.

    I just found you on Crystal's blog.
    Love ya! Vickie

  2. I don't even want to think about being out of diapers yet. I'm not ready for that phase.


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