Friday, August 15, 2008

Healthy School Lunch

A couple weeks before school started, as I was getting all of the school prep taken care of (buying clothes, shoes, supplies, backpack, lunch box...) I also started thinking about Kassidy's lunch. We don't really do the school lunch thing too often. Especially with Kassidy in first grade I don't want her eating a lot of junk and sugar. She needs food that is going to give her energy and fill her up. So I found this website
So I decided to try the sandwich recommended on the site. We made the dough from scratch, which was very easy, one afternoon and then let it rise in the refrigerator over night. The next day, while Kade and Kali Rose were napping, we made the sandwiches. It was fun and they taste great.
(Side note) - The pizza dough is great. When we have family night we often go to a local pizza place, The Brick Oven, and get their whole wheat cheese pizza. The dough for these sandwiches tastes the same, so we will probably have a make your own pizza night soon!

We made the sandwiches and baked them, ate one. They loved them. Then we sliced them on the diagonal and stuck them in baggies and in the freezer. Everyday this week Kassidy has taken one for lunch. I just move it to the refrigerator the night before and then all I have to do is stick it in her lunch bag in the morning. 

I am looking for some more ideas like this so if you have any healthy, make ahead ideas please pass them along. 

So, Kassidy had so much fun helping me with the dough, when I needed to move on to the next step I just gave her a bowl of some flour and water and let her have at it. It made a mess. She had a blast.
It was about this time that I should have wised up and said, "OK, lets clean up now." But oh no, she was having too much fun so when Kade woke up and came in there what did I do - you guessed it. Then, I was done so I went into the den to fold a load of clothes while they were in the kitchen laughing and "baking." (Real smart)

Can I tell you, when I went back in the kitchen, I had to scrub the kitchen from top to bottom!!! Oh yes, as we all know, the flour / water combo makes a lovely paste. (What was I thinking?) I was on my knees scrubbing under the table, the chairs, the countertops, the appliances, then moping the floors.... All in the name of fun!

I am currently looking for a good homemade play dough recipe I can keep on hand for the next time I make the dough!!


  1. I want to say that if you go to, there is a recipe for play dough. Just do a search at the top of the blog.


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