Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dance, baby, dance!!

Is there anything sweeter than a room full of pink tutus? I don't think so! 
Another milestone has come for the Clarke family. Kali Rose had her first ballet lesson yesterday. (Stay tuned for Kade's first gymnastic class next week!!) 
It was so fun getting to watch all those tutus trying to follow instructions!

Kali Rose has been looking forward to this day for sooo long! She has watched Kassidy's practices her whole life! You can imagine her excitement as she put on her very own shoes!!

Kade was so funny. He kept laughing and hugging her saying "you look so cute!!'

Then he wanted to remind her of some moves that he learned watching Kassidy.
Kade was so good during her lessons. About half way through I knelt beside him and said "Kade, you are being such a good boy!!!" He shrugged his shoulders and responded, "I am just proud of Kali Rose." 

All of the friends in her class were precious.

Daddy got to come for the last few minute of her lesson.
Right in front of her is her adorable friend, Claire, from church.
Striking a pose.
Action shot


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