Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kali Rose gets her doll.

So, as you know, my Kalli Rose turned 3 a couple weeks ago. (I have been working on a post that documents some of the past three years with her... it should be up soon.) We had a family party, where Mica and Poppy had several wrapped toys for her, BUT, her big present from them came in the mail yesterday. She was sooo excited and had no idea what it was...
(Mommy) "Kali Rose, do you want to open your present?"
Kali Rose "Is it a bear?"
"Look mommy, Look!"
"It's a pretty baby!!!!"
She LOVES her new baby! She is beautiful! She even came with 3 additional SMOCKED dresses for the doll, and 2 sweaters and 2 hats. TOO sweet!
Thank You Mica and Poppy!!
So, I had been trying to get the kids to play outside with me all morning. They didn't want to because it is sooo HOT! However, as soon as we opened the baby they began playing "Mom and Dad." Kade then said, "Hey, we could get the strollers and take the babies for a walk." So I was all over that, just to get them outside. I went upstairs and brought down Kassidy's stroller and Kali's stroller. We went outside and took a stroll. They were sooo cute.
Kali Rose had to get the baby situated just right!!
Kade just plopped his baby in there.
So as sweet as this was - and it was sweet - once we got all the way down the street it dawned on me that all of my neighbors who don't know I have another daughter were probably thinking, "What kind of mother buys a stroller for her son?!?" I kind of chuckled when I thought of this because in reality Kade is soo all BOY!
Best friends!!
Don't worry, as I write they are playing "super heros" Kade is the the "super guy" - fighting the enemies all around the house and Kali Rose is trailing behind him, baby doll in arm, copying all of his kicks and punches. ;)


  1. Savannah loves looking at your blog with me. She came in as I was looking at these pix of Kade with the stroller. she started dying laughing. it was so cute. I can confirm...Kade is full boy...you do not have to worry he is pushing a pink carriage...to all those who might be worried. he-he!

  2. where did you get that stroller... its precious! i need one for darcy bug!

  3. where did you get that stroller... its precious! i need one for darcy bug!


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