Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet the Teacher

Last Thursday night was "Meet the Teacher" night. We were all so anxious to meet Kassidy's first grade teacher and find out who was in her class. We had a really great time. Her teacher seems super nice! Kassidy only knows one boy in her class, but that won't stump her a bit. She is ready to make several new friends!

We took them for ice cream afterwards to celebrate!!

The conversation is so sweet. Kali Rose and Kade told Kassidy how much they are going to miss her and Kassidy told them "Sissy will play with you when I get home. You guys can tell me everyhting you did while I was gone ";)
Daddy ran in Dicks and we stayed in the van. Kassidy and Mommy took some silly pictures.

Kassidy can get the best smiles out of Kali Rose!

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  1. So sweet! Too bad you guys all take such horrible picture..Ha! You have a gorgeous family!


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