Monday, August 11, 2008

She is growing up!!!!

Why must they grow up? Can't we just keep them small until WE are ready to move them forward?? I must say, I am not ready for my big girl to be a first grader yet, especially so soon after my baby turned three!!  I just want to keep them little, pure and innocent and unscathed from the world. I know they are in the Lord's hands and I am so thankful, I just need a little more time, I'll get there... eventually.
Well, I guess it doesn't work that way, so I am willing to suck it up and move forward, embracing every stage, trying not to blink along the way.

Still... 2:30 can NOT get here fast enough!! I can't wait to get her in my arms - the cookies and milk will be ready!! - and find out how her first day went!!

Sean and I took the whole family to drop off Kassidy at school this morning. She was so excited and so were we.
I told you she is growing up!!! Doesn't she look so growny!

They are going to miss playing with her all day.

The Daddy pic!
The Mommy pic!

Kassidy with her neighbor, Olivia.

Her teacher, Mrs. Anderson

We love you sweet girl! We are so proud of you and know that you are going to have a wonderful year!!

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