Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas 2008

I have been without consistent internet for a while now. So I am trying to catch up ;)
Here are some pics from Christmas:

I couldn't resist to post this pic.. Funny! Kali Rose looks drunk!
Uncle Izzy, Aunt Erin and Ava were sleeping in Kade's room, so Sean made a "big bed" for the kids. (He moved both mattresses together.) They loved it!

We were having a "tacky Christmas party" at Elisha's house. It was hilarious! 

Sean's tie played music!

On Christmas Eve, we made sure we fed the reindeer before bed .
Everyone had their own cup of reindeer food.

We kept the beds together that night and they fell asleep together.. talking about what was going to happen in the morning. They were soo excited! ...and so were we;)
They left Santa cookies and a peppermint ;)
Christmas morning.

Chocolate from her stocking.

The "big" present was that they got a WII. We have had so much fun with it!!
All of the cousins together with the shirts Elisha made for them! So cute!
Kassidy and her mini-me! 
We had a wonderful Christmas! We are so blessed!!


  1. HOw much fun!! Do you know what made me laugh? In the pictures you took of the tacky Christmas party, your Mom had on a Santa shirt. My Mom bought all of the girls in our family one of those and made us wear them to the Polar Express. I kept my coat on and buttoned all night, cause the light on that darn shirt was strategically placed if you know what I mean! So embarrassing! :)

  2. I was wondering where you get Kades jammies? Justus has about outgrown Gaps jammies that I love. I cant believe he is in a 5T when he is just 2! He is crazy tall for his age.

  3. Jamie, that is soo funny! You guys sound like you have fun also!

    Kelly - wow! That is crazy tall for just 2. he is so cute too! The monkey pjs came from old Navy. And the red gingham ones came from The Plantation House and antique and children's boutique in Atlanta.

    I like the "lounge wear" style of pj's. The button down the fron,t big boy look. So cute!

  4. Thanks for the info. Ill have to get Justus used to the lounge wear style. It is so cute!


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