Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Craziest move yet.

Well, the Clarke family has moved...again! Sean and I have been married for 11 years and this is our.. I think 10th move.. CRAZY, I know! This one was probably one of the craziest and since it is a rental, we will be doing it again real soon!
Ok, so here are the details. We showed our house right before Christmas and got the offer... with 2 weeks to be out!! The closing was set for the 30th of December. 

We found a great rental house we could live in until we find something we can buy, but there was a timing conflict. We needed to move in on the 30th, but they couldn't move out until the 3rd!! Sooo, they let us move our stuff and furniture into some of the rooms that weren't being used. We got it all STACKED in those rooms and hit the road for B'ham. We stayed at Mom and Dad's house from the 30th until the 3rd of Jan!! 

Last day at Keystone..
Here is something funny.. During those last "do or die" moments of the move (just get our stuff out before closing..) I needed to pack for B'ham. So I got all organized and packed the kids, even using gallon baggies with clothes, socks, and undies in each labeled with each day. (Thanks for the tip Mom!) The funny thing about it was, by the time I began packing Sean and myself, all of the suitcases, bags, backpacks..anything, were already gone. Ha! The kids were all organized with their luggage and Sean and I ended up throwing our clothes in garbage bags for the trip!! 

We decided to have some fun while we were there! We took the kids to the McWane center! We saw so many friends there that day. It was a great treat!!

The last night we were in B'ham, we declared it a "girl's night" and I took the girls to Sweet & Sassy to have their hair cut. The boys stayed at Mica and Poppy's and played the Wii.

We are now settled in our rental and really enjoying it. Excited about what the Lord has ahead for us!!

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