Friday, February 13, 2009

He Turned Five....

Before Kade was born, we began talking to Kassidy a lot about how she was going to be a "big sister." Every time we talked about Kade, we would say "Baby Kade." That stuck for the first year of his life and we all called him Baby Kade. He was such a sweet baby and it was so fun watching Kassidy become a big sister and watching Sean with his boy. We immediately fell in love with this little man. 
 I just can't believe that 5 years have past!! 
We love you Baby Kade! Happy 5th Birthday!!

Now for the party. We had a wonderful time celebrating Kade with our family. My parents, Sean's parents, My sister and her family, and one of Kade's little buddies,Eli, helped us celebrate. 

We began the night painting pictures of Kade. 
Anxious about decorating the little vehicle cakes!
Checking out the goods..

BTW, "Baby Kade" is now "Mighty Kade" to us. *wink* ....sigh

Pic with Grammie and Paw Paw
Aunt Elisha, Anjali, Uncle Daniel and Jaiden
Pic with Aunt Elisha
Pic with Poppy and Mica

Sean and his Dad
Us ;)
Sean and Kassidy decorated the den. 
Thanks Beck!! He loves it!!
Kade and Eli played a little superheros after everyone left.
Super Eli
Eli spent the night. They had a great time!! This was at breakfast the next morning.

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  1. I love birthday milestones - Happy birthday Kade! Love the baby pics!


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