Friday, January 23, 2009

Chore charts

The other night, we had the kids make their own chore charts. (Thanks for the idea Debbie and Allie! We had a great visit!!) 

They really enjoyed decorating around the perimeter of their charts. They were super excited and then Kade looked at me and said, "mommy, what are chores anyway?" Hehe.

Daddy making sure the lines were straight!!

Let me tell you, this has really worked!! Especially for Kassidy (7) and Kade (4). Kali Rose (3) only gets excited when her sister convinces her (ie: "Kali Rose, if you don't make your bed you won't get your star..Kali Rose, you are whining, remember, if you don't have a good attitude you won't get your star, Kali Rose make sure you get your dirty clothes...) 
Since we have been doing this our mornings have drastically changed! The kids now get up, get dressed (I lay their clothes out the night before) and make their beds before they come down for breakfast!! 

It has really helped with some attitude I was getting from Kassidy also! 

We are trying to reinforce the idea that they are to do these things out of obedience, but hey, the stars are really a great added incentive!!

We do the stars right before bedtime. :)

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  1. We have a chore chart too and we incooporated allowance if they earn so many stars, but the boys are bored with it already.


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