Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas at the Clarke's :)

So this will be the first of my Christmas posts.. I decided to get the Christmas decorations out of the way. So here goes...
 ^The family room. With this being the first year to decorate this home, I had a blast figuring it all out!! (That is also why I like to blog pictures, so I can remember what I put where for next year) Since this room is HUGE and really needs some more furniture in it, (not going to happen for a while) the tree made it feel so much "warmer."
 ^ I filled our magazine holder with children's Christmas books.. most of them were given to us by my parents. :)

 ^ I was going to hang the stars and red trivet, but it never happened.. I thought it still looked fun that way.
 I have a love/hate relationship with these ornaments. I love them because they were once my favorite Christmas ornaments. I got them years ago (wow. that makes me sound old) at The Bombay Company. Remember that store?? Whatever happened to it? Anyway, I think they are so pretty and I have always hung them on my kitchen chandelier.  

The "hate" part is because when Kassidy was about 3, she broke one and I got way too upset with her for it. As a mother, I am use to things breaking. I feel that is important to not make a "big deal" out of it when they do. In fact, I usually just calmly say, "It's ok... accidents happen" (often biting my tongue) and sweep up the mess. However, for some reason that day I got really upset with Kassidy. I remember telling her it was one of my favorite ornaments.. (bad mom!).. I don't think she remembers anymore, but it comes to my memory every time I see them. I guess it is a good reminder that it is JUST STUFF!! :)
^ I added a little red bling to my breakfast room sconces. 

^ I always have to have peppermint sticks on hand. 
1. Because the kids and I have hot chocolate with peppermint stirs A LOT during the holidays.. and 
2. Because I have a peppermint display every year (you will see it in a few pics) and guests always ask if they are to eat.. so I say, "here let me get you one from the kitchen"..;)
 The dining room all "dresses up"
 Aren't these the cutest little salt and pepper shakers! After I mentioned that I needed some, my mother called me one day and told me that she had been watching the Today Show and they showed these cute little guys for sale at Pier One. I just happen to have a Pier One right by my house so I went and got 2 sets.. $3.00 a set!! Can you believe that?? So cute!
^Entry way.. And there is my peppermint display.

 I have been doing this for the last few years and the kids always look forward to it. They help me unwrap all of the candy (and eat a few a long the way).. which I am very thankful for! 
I couldn't find a great place for my nativity set this year, but this is where it found a (safe) home. In the corner of the family room.

when in doubt.. add ornaments to some glassware. it works! 
 Or a basket.. 
 I am in LOVE with my flameless candles! I have never had any until now and I now think they are a MUST for people with kids! Lets face it, even an adult could knock over one of those candleholders! Now it is NO PROBLEM!! :) Plus, no one ever noticed they are flameless. 
 ^ Our stockings came from Sean's mother. She, very kindly, made every one of them for us (as well as his sister's families.) We love them. They also have the date each person was born on the back of them.

 I can't leave out the kids..The girls each had a snowman pillow on their beds, and the Christmas angels on their dresser.
This is how I "dressed" my jars in the main bathroom. Simple. Cheap. Elegant.
 These next few pics were taken in Kade's room. 

^It seems like everyone I know has (or has had) on of these.. Do you?
Lastly, this is my favorite of all my Christmas decor. We had fun creating it. Sean and I sat with the kids and we all got a card or two and wrote down something or someone we are thankful for this year. I think I smiled every time I looked at it. :)

Oh, and one last picture.. In case you wondered what happens to the peppermints in the display.. most get thrown out, but not all..

**Disclaimer** In case you are wondering. My Christmas decorations did come down the week after Christmas. The pictures were taken during Christmas and I am just way late posting.. :):)

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