Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Festivities Part 1

The last day of school,  before the Christmas break, I was able to attend all 3 class parties. I am really loving the kids being at the same school this year. It makes things like this a piece of cake.

Kali's party was Breakfast with Santa. It was so cute and Sean was even able to make it! 

 Kassidy had a blast playing games and opening up the stocking her teacher made for her. 
 Her Paw-Paw was even able to come by. 
That evening, my parents and my sister and her family came in town to eat, celebrate, and spend the night. :) ^My youngest and her oldest are best buds :)
^Mica never disappoints! She brought everything for the kids to decorate fun shaped rice crispy treats!! 

 candy candy candy. yum yum yum

they had a BLAST!

 ^she always knows how to make a get together memorable! :)

Oh, and she also brought supplies to make gingerbread houses.. so when the kids were through with their project, Mom, Elisha and I made our own houses :)

 The cousins have a very sweet relationship. We love how they love each other!! 
 They are all wearing the Christmas pj's that Mica and Poppy gave them on Thanksgiving. (Which, I might add, I think works so much better than getting them on Christmas Eve.. this way they have all of Dec to wear them!)

wrestling with Uncle Sean

This is how they slept. :)
^The kids reaction when Mica and Poppy gave them the Karaoke machine

They were slightly excited :)
^ the karaoke machine
 Isn't this ^ so sweet! 
Kali Rose and Anjali were rocking out! 
As you can see, we always have a great time with my family! More Christmas posts to follow.. 

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