Monday, January 31, 2011

Our weekend and kid's valentines!

I hope you had a great weekend! We sure did. The weather was beautiful. 15 minutes after they got home from school on Friday Kade and Kali Rose transformed into this:

 Everyone had a friend over on Saturday. They made their own pizza's and Kali Rose partied like this:
 Sunday was such a beautiful day, after church the kids took a couple baby dolls on an afternoon stroll. ;) (Blackmail for Kade one day... maybe.. Proof that he will be a good daddy one day... definitely!) :)
 Then, the kids made a pile of leaves and buried KR in it. ;) (yes, bath-time was directly after this little game)

I spent part of my weekend "surfing" the web (do people still say that?), looking for cute valentines the kids can make. I love Valentines Day. We usually have fun creating homemade cards. Here are some from years past. Sorry the picture quality isn't that great.

Kassidy's Kindergarten year

First grade year:

Kade's Kindergarten year, Kassidy's 2nd grade year:

So this year, I am looking for a new idea. I like these..
Lovely Ribbon Bracelets
ribbon bracelets for girls! How cute!
You can find out how here
The Write Card
Simple, cute, clever.
You can find out how here

Captive Heart
A little more involved. Creative & beautiful!
You can find out how here.
Sweetheart RosesSweetheart Roses - Step 1
Who doesn't love roses and kisses?
You can find out how here.

These are the simple and fun flowers Kassidy made her 2nd grade year. You can find out how here.

I thought these little bags were cute & different.
You can find out how here.

Make a sweetheart Valentine's Day necklace
I love these!! So fun and you can do different shapes as well!
You can find out how here.
Lovebird craft

I love birds, so I had to add this one. I would tie a treat to it (as I would with any valentine card) You can find out how here.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this... You can find out how here.

So, after all of that I finally got my inspiration and I know what we are going to do.... I'll be back soon with the big ...(I know you are on the edge of your seats ;) REVEAL!! :)

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