Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Highlights

We had such a WONDERFUL time while the kid's were off school for Spring Break! We didn't go anywhere, and hardly spent any money... yet, we had an INCREDIBLE week together!!  I thought I'd share some fun pics!

Oh, but first, here are a couple pics from Kade's school program that was right before Spring Break. He had a speaking part and we were soooo proud! ;)

Kade can stay very occupied with a basket full of "boy toys" :)
The girls are always dancing :)

Getting all dressed up for a wedding ^
Kade got creative when it was raining outside ^
A family day at the park (the day after some rain)

This is how I found them playing one day... ha! I love it! ^
One of my favorite days.. Sean took off and we spent the whole day hiking and picnicking at Oak Mtn. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!

 Bon fire with very sweet friends / neighbors!! :)

 A day at the zoo with sweet friends :)

I am so thankful for my family and LOVE spending time with them! I can't wait to have my babies home for the summer!! 

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