Tuesday, April 19, 2011

around the house lately..

The last few weeks have gone by so fast, I can't even believe it is the middle of April! 

Last week, I got to go to Baton Rouge with Sean to a work related conference. We had a great time! (Plus, we ate goood , so I have been tearing up my running shoes lately :).  My mother stayed with the kids, so they didn't miss a beat. She spoiled them rotten of course. ;)

I thought I would share a few "around the house" pictures with you since it's been a while.. 

Sean has been busy tackling "small" projects (you know...those "small" projects that end up taking way more time than any "small" project should.. ;)

 Do you have one of these in your back yard? Well, we have had this one for about 4 years now and moved it twice.. It was beginning to be a bit of an eye sore in our back yard.. 
Thankfully, Sean decided to give it a face lift. He painted it with a very dark stain..

The finished product! I think it looks wonderful... almost brand new!

He also built us a little fire pit for some memory-making 
bon fires to come ^
... and he built these little stone borders..
... and (wow, he has been busy hasn't he :) he built & painted this fence area so he can hide our garbage containers ..

 Another "small" project.. fixing a drain in the yard..  (It's a good thing, because we have seen a lot of rain lately!!)
...and that resulted in this ^

The next 2 are random... 
 I found the girls like this watching cartoons one Sat morning :)
The kids got this basketball game for Christmas. Kade has been working hard to improve his time.. He is currently up to 200!! (5 minutes)_

I have been eating way too many of these ^^ (and other sweets!)

Ok, here is a fun "renovation" we did..
When we moved in, there was a keypad to the alarm system on the outside of the house by the front door, as well as an intercom system.. We removed both and needed to patch the holes. Replacing it with brick would be tricky to get just right, so we got creative..

I like it!! Several of our visitors have mentioned how they love the look and "warmth" it achieves as well. :)

Well, it is time to go... This post has been pretty random, so  will leave you with one last picture. The following picture is Kali Rose, going all "western" for her school program this week. I think she looks adorable. :)


  1. Everything looks great!!! Mica had so much fun and can't wait to do it again!!! Love the pictures as always!!

  2. I love home improvement posts! Now I need to show Hank what I want to copy from your house! ;)

  3. Looks great! Sean sure has been busy around the house! Y'all are so creative. :)


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