Monday, May 16, 2011

a pinky promise

One day last week as I pulled up to the carpool line at school and looked over at my 3rd grader, 1st grader and kindergartner all smiling happily at me...I noticed something on Kassidy's face...

It was a smirk.

The kind a kid wears when she is especially proud of herself for something, but is trying to hide the smile.. She was also controlling a subtle bounce. It was almost as if she wanted to jump up and down shouting her news, but she was trying so hard to refrain.

Kassidy after cheerleading practice the day the boys were camping in our back yard. 

I instantly got excited to hear her sweet news... whatever it was.

Generally, carpool goes like this: my 3 kids hop in the van all talking at once.. "Mommy this was the best day ever...Mommy, I forgot my library book today...Mommy, Brent fell on the playground today...Mommy we saw each other in the hallway today!..."   I say, "wait.. wait.. one at a time.." It doesn't always work.. ;)

It is one of my favorite times of day though. Carpool. You know what I have noticed? It seems like they have sooo much to tell me and so much they want to get out, but, whether they are able to get it out or not, by the time we get home and settled... the moment has past. They really don't want to talk about their day anymore. They have moved on. Then it becomes me pulling it out of them.

I am so thankful to have those first moments with them right when school is over.

It is in those moments that I can listen... and hopefully catch what is going on in each of their little hearts.

This day, for some reason, I was able to gain complete order and everyone was quiet except Kassidy. Maybe Kade and Kali Rose also sensed Kassidy's excitement and became curious themselves. Kassidy said, "Mommy, I acted my age today!" This is a phrase I have been hearing a lot of from my kids lately. It is a phrase that makes me extremely happy!

Before I continue, I need to explain what she means when stating she acted her age.

Several weeks ago, Sean and I got together with our small group and discussed family values. We went around the room and each couple shared a value that we wanted our family to, well, value. ;)

As Sean and I discussed this further, we came up with 3 values that we seem to teach our kids often. Of course, the most important thing to our family is our faith and our salvation.. living our lives to honor and serve our Lord IS the MOST important thing that we could ever teach our kids. So, these values are the "how to" in walking that out in this world.

1. Generosity - we want to train our kids to think of others.
Matthew 7:12  "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..."

2. Attitude - we want to train our kids to not allow their circumstances to dictate their response to life. To hold tight to gratitude and avoid negativity. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

3. Excellence - this does not mean perfection. It simply means that we will give every effort our best and do it as unto the Lord.  1 Corinthians 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

Sean quickly realized that if we arrange them AttitudeGenerosityExcellence, we can use the acronym AGE and hopefully the kids will remember it better. He was right too! It has helped them remember our values and check themselves often.. (not to make any implication that my kids always have a good attitude, act generous or do everything excellent.. because I can assure you, that is not the case.. However, we also know how important it is to have vision... and we want them to pursue godliness.)

So, when Kassidy said she was acting her "AGE" I knew what she was implying. 

Here is what she said:

"I gave my bible to my new friend!!  Yesterday she told me that she had never been to church. So I asked her if she had ever even read the bible. She said no!! So I told her that I was going to give her a bible tomorrow. She said, "no, you don't have to do that" but I said "I am giving you a bible tomorrow. But on one condition.. you must pinky promise that you will read it!" She agreed, so this morning I grabbed my bible before we left the house and gave it to her today at school!! Then, when we were just in car-rider line, I was telling her about in the beginning, when God made the earth and that she should really know how much God loves her!!"

So, there you have it. My 9 year old ministered to a young girl who has never really heard about how she can have a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

She made her pinky promise. :)

I am proud and inspired.

Do you have any specific values that you consistently teach your kids? I would LOVE to hear them! Leave a comment & tell me. :)

I am leaving you with some pics from the last month or so. 
Daddy and Mommy proud of our baby at her school program ^ and v.

A couple mornings before Easter, I found these four like this ^.. 
This is what they were looking at ^. Hello Spring! :)

We hosted a "Flashlight Egg Hunt" this year.. It was a BLAST!! 

Easter baskets!! My kids don't believe in the Easter bunny, so they know all of the gifts come from Mommy and Daddy. This makes it easy for us to do the baskets on Saturday so that Sunday can be all about celebrating our RISEN KING!! 
They were waiting to run to their baskets..

Lego key chains! He likes to hook these to his backpack. (I scored these for 98 cents each on sale at the Lego Store!)

My girls LOVE "breakable" dolls. 
I don't do too much candy or chocolate in the baskets, but I laughed when I saw that the kids had gotten our "candy jar" down and began putting all of their easter candy in it. We share all candy ;)

This was a night we will never forget... On April 27th, we huddled in our basement as tornadoes ripped through our great state. Thankfully, we were unaffected, but so, so many people were devastated. If you are interested in helping with tornado relief please go here

The boys recently camped out in the back yard..
And the girls camped out here.. in my bed ;)

Kassidy, as Clara Barton, preparing for her 3rd grade wax museum/book report

 Just a little family silliness ;)

One last thing...
We had our family pics taken the other day by a wonderful photographer here in Birmingham. Check them out! She did an amazing job. :) Just click on the following link:

Happy Monday!

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